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COVID19 - "JOB versus CAREER" - what's Possible?

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

There has been a change to the way the Workforce works; would you agree?

Due to COVID19 - many people have either lost their job, working from home, working less hours, working a different position, working a different shift, working a different format, or once again not working.

At the start of COVID19 believe it or not - there were still many people working (2) or (3) jobs just to make ends meet. Many people were already working from pay-check-2-pay-check. Now, it worst.

Sure, many government officials want you to believe that the job market it up and unemployment is down. However, many larger companies are closing locations and laying off workers.

So the questions is "Job" or "Career" during COVID19?

Regardless to what people say - many people would still rather work than collect unemployment. "Sure", there are always a hand-full of lazy people that do not want to work. However, there are many people that want to work. People want to work a job that they can grow, get raises, get promoted, get recognized, feel appreciated.

Years ago, a job was looked upon as a partnership - a career - a stake - a place that an employee felt like they were a part of the team. During those times; an employee felt appreciated, and as if he or she held ownership in the company. They realized that as the company grew - so would they - they felt that their job would lead them into a flourishing career.

Today, since COVID19 many employers are still at a lost. With social distancing still being an issue companies are finding new ways to get the work done. Many companies are realizing that they didn't need as many people as they did before. In addition, some are thinking that employees working from home may or may not be a long term solution? There is still much to decide?

The slow pace from COVID19 can not last forever. However, for now doing this temporary pause - a "Job" verse a "Career" is still a possibility worth pondering?

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