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"How Are You Doing"

How are you really doing? Everyone always asks that question. Do you think they really care about "how" you are doing or "what" you are doing?

I know that that is a half-time question. A question to start a sentence. A question to break-the-ice. How is your day, it is a legitimate and generous question.

Have you actually; taken the time to ask yourself that question? What was your honest answer? Many times we walk around in a bubble. Everything is always the same, we go through the motions of life. What are we truly feeling?

At some point, we must take a hard look at ourselves and make sure that the hurts, cares, disappointments, and feelings that we experience are not wearing us down and out. If no one - really cares.........which may not be the case. We know for sure - that; there is "ONE PERSON" (YOU)......who really truly cares. "How are you doing"?

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