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What happened to the Excitement of a New Job?

What happened to the excitement of getting a new job???????????????????????

Do you remember when you received the call from an employer letting you know that you were selected for the job? The call was replaced with an email. The email is now replaced with a text message.

Do you remember when you looked in the newspaper for a job? Many, many years ago; when a person was looking for a job – the first place, and the thing they would get is a Sunday’s newspaper. Especially the Chicago's Sunday Tribune; it was full of job openings. There were all types of jobs – from A - Accountant thru Z - Zookeeper.

Do you remember when you could go directly to the company and ask to speak with someone in the HR Department? You did not need an appointment, you did not need to have a name of a person, you simple asked if they were hiring? The times in question are wayyyyyyy before COVID of any kind.

Now, since COVID19…….Delta…….etc…… – what has happened to the excitement of getting a job? Are companies truly hiring or is that a myth? Are people truly looking for work? Do people want to go back to work? Are people being put on hold to go back to work? Are there more jobs than people wanting to work? Regardless to the timing, there was an Excitement with getting a New Job!!!

We all know that COV19 has changed the way we view things. Have COVID changed the will, desire, and Excitement of a New Job 4 You as well? Or has something else changed it for you?

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