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The Best of the Best (part 1 of 2)

What makes your Company the Best?

Is it the fact that you have many people that work for you? On the other hand, is it the fact, that you have many open positions? Regardless, if the glass is half-empty or half full – the facts are that the WORK has to get, done – correct?

Sure, you have a large profit margin. Are your employees being compensated; for their skills, talents, and abilities? In 2008, many people lost their jobs. Many companies closed their doors, and have not opened them since that time. Because of that, there were major lay-offs – companies downsized – great employees were released; from employment. Due to that fact, those that remained had to pick up the slack. The workload slowed down, longer breaks and a slower work pace.

Now, that things are better are you still having those employees do the workload of two or more people? Are they being compensated; for what they do? Are the open positions – open for a reason or are you truly looking for hirable applicants to fill your open positions?

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