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Seeing You 4 What You Want

Many times, it is much easier for someone to tell you about yourself, you willingly listen, and often times agree. At the same time, it is easy for you to tell others about what you think of them and what they should be doing as far as a career or decision. Would you agree?

The facts are, you can see readily what is in others and they can see what is in you. From observation, one can tell that you are dependable, hardworking, and a person of your word. There are something that others cannot tell you – it takes only you to discover your true passion, talents, desires, and skills.

Seeing yourself for what you truly want takes commitment and effort. Some people just know. Growing up, my best friend just knew that she wanted to become a nurse. My grandfather kept trying to convince me to go into the nursing profession – this was while we were in sixth grade. So now, the four questions to ask yourself; are these:

  1. Would you do whatever it is that you are currently doing free?

  2. What would you do free – if no one paid you a dime?

  3. Can you make money from whatever it is that you would do free?

  4. Would someone pay you money for whatever it is that you do free?

No one is telling you to quite your job or change careers – what this article is doing is summarizing to you a simple process in discovering your inner passion and going from there to selecting your career or job. Start from where you are at and go on to seeing what you want; “that’s all”.

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