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Look, Listen, and Learn

How many people look, but do not listen? How many listen, but do not learn? What about those that look and listen; but do not learn.

The (3) three “L” are very important to most of us. Many times we are quick to hear, but we do not want to listen. We are quick to speak, but do not listen. When we truly listen, we must give time a chance to generate what we are hearing; and people a chance to generate their thoughts. People communicate in different ways. There are people that speak very slowly. In addition, there are some people that speak very quickly. Because of this - we sometimes want to cut them off so we can get our point in. Sometimes, we cut them off – because, we do not want to forget our thoughts in the process. We often forget; how rude and disrespect it is when people do that too us.

When we look at the whole picture – communication is vital. When we look at the body language of the person that we are communicating with – many times it tells a story within itself. Body language can portray confidence, assurance, fear, worry, doubt, hope, and so much more; if we take the time to look.

Listening is a skill that far too many people do not care to take time to do. Listening requires giving of your time – to understand what is being delivered. Listening requires one to be quite and give their attention. Listening is half the battle; because now you can apply what you learned or discovered.

Learning is about taking the facts, details, information and analyzing it to make reasonable and rational conclusions. The closer one looks and listens; the more likely one can ask thought searching questions to get to the bottom of any situation. In the future, do not be so quick to speak – rather Look, Listen, and Learn.

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