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Using Your Pass......4 Good

Many times, a person does not look back at the past and gain the education, knowledge, nor wisdom that the pass has to offer.

Each of us have pass experiences that has had its part in developing us into who we are today. The pass is our history. We can learn a lot from our history, with history it writes the story and shows a blueprint. Our history is our foundation.

Looking back, with the right mind-set came teach us many things. Some people have had a hard, troubling, and difficult pass. The only thing that they want to do is forget and move forward. Some people refuse to look backward; because of the hurt, heartbreak, or feelings that they still have regarding what they left behind. They want to get as far away from their pass as their memories will allow.

The best medicine is to brave up - look the PASS dead in the eye and deal with whatever it is. Sometimes, the best defense is attack......attack the situation head on. Face up-to-the hurt. The pass can be a bully to some. "We all know, that a bully, gains strength by intimidation." Once a person stands up to a bully; normally the bully backs down.

When you stand up to your pass and look it directly in the Eye. At that moment in time; you can embrace the richness of the experiences........gain life from the tests, trails, hurst, disappoints and see the value that you can add to your future.

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