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The Best is Still the Best (part 2 of 2)

We know that your company is the best of the best.

Because of that – your company is looking for the best of the best. That person that have excellent skills; easy to train and learn new material, great communication skills, and interested in your bottom-line. Motivated and determined to see each project completed on time and within the budget.

What makes you the best Applicant/Job Seeker/Employee?

Records show that thousands have found jobs since 2008. In addition, many over qualified applicants have settled for jobs just for the paycheck. In so doing, they are not satisfied – therefore, are they giving their best? Also, data shows that thousands of excellent applicants/job seekers have given up the job search all together.

Not too mention, those that are consistent employees – they have grown discouraged and burned out. Regardless to what category you fall under – the question is still, asked of you – Are you the Best of the Best?

The best gives his/her best at all times – regardless to the rate of pay. The best shows up to work on time and ready to work. The best cares about the company – and do not order the highest products/services just because – nor works on company time for self-profit and gain.

The best does not take two hours lunch breaks and works five out of eight hours of the workday.

We know that you are the best of the best Applicant/Job-seeker/Employee. Because of that, we know that you are committed to polishing your professional and personal skills, taking classes, training, and mentored on job culture and job preparation skills – showing you are the BEST OF THE BEST.

While working at the company, we know that you are giving your all to assist the company to grow and protect their profit margin so that you can be the next in line for the promotion that your company will give you – by seeing that YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST.

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