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Do Not Give Up on Your Job Search!!!

How are you preparing for your next Job and Job Interview? What sets you apart? Are you Job ready? Are you still looking? Are you marketable? Are your skill-sets, ready? Are you hirable? How, are, and what, will give you Why?

What are you doing differently to set yourself apart from everyone else? Most people are still applying for jobs on the website. We are not ruling that out. However, today; it takes something more. Although, the economy has improved somewhat - there are still many people not working. Many are asking themselves and others the same question. That question is ““Why” – have I not been able to obtain a job”?

Many have given up looking for jobs. They feel what is the use, why continue? No one will hire me any way. They feel that they have done everything; and still no job. The suggestions to them are, listed below:

  • Review your resume; ask others to review your resume.

  • Stand in front of the mirror and practice your interviewing skills.

  • Ask the advice of an expert.

  • Hire a coach or mentor.

  • Call all of your references.

  • Polish up on your skills.

  • Take classes and refresher courses.

Now after doing everything that you can possible do. Do not give up - just get out. Get out and network. Get to know others, let them get to know you. Thereby, they will know what you are looking for. Allow them to search for you. The old saying; "two are more than one". Network, Network, and Network. Do not give you your Job Search – just give up the negative disposition and get busy making your job search a reality.

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