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Mask or no Mask:

In many states, the question is do you wear a mask or do not not wear a mask? Many officials, doctors, and the public in general feel that we are not out of this COVID19 pandemic yet. They feel that a mask is still necessary to protect yourself from others. The mask, along with social distancing will give you a fighting chance - however, it is still up to you as an individual to decide?

In addition, we all know that the mask: Well; first thing there is a cost, second, it makes breathing uncomfortable, third, fourth, and fifth it's annoying. After all, the elected official that is the top person that is on TV and tweets a lot - is not wearing one. Therefore, many people see that - and they feel that - well it's okay. We do not have to wear one either. Many states have not enforced the "Wearing of Mask". Then, there are people that are trying to sue and argue about the issue of wearing a mask.

It all boils down to - it's your life - what is your Safety worthy to you? What is your neighbor's Safety worthy to you? Therefore, to "wear the Mask or not to wear the Mask"? We all want this to pass. Be safe!!!

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