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Courage 2 Lead

Anyone can give orders.

Everyone wants to take charge. However, it takes a true leader to lead. A leader that self interest is the last thing on the agenda. A leader that puts others before his or her needs or concerns at all times. A leader that does what is right; regardless to how the crowd feels.

A true leader will not cut the baby in half – just so their interest and concerns are heard and met. There is a story that was told years ago (this story was taken directly from the Bible) – “there were two women that both had sons. One of the woman’s son died. Both women confused that the living son was theirs. They both went before the judge.

The judge, after hearing both women. Now, it’s up to him to decide – What is fair? What is right? Who is right? Who is honest? Who is truthful? What is the right thing to do? After carefully considering the matter, he decides to cut the baby in half!

Wisdom speaks; without speaking. The woman that this child did not belong too would think that it’s a great ideal to cut the baby in half. Now, both women would be childless. Both women would have a piece of the child. Both women would be motherless; having no one to love.

However, the true mother – love for the child would bare the loss of having someone else love, raise, and care for the child – rather than killing the child. At lease, with giving the child away. The child lives………. loves gives even when it hurts.

The mark of a true leader………….

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