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We are Helpers One 2 Another:

We are not an island. As much as we all want to do everything ourselves – we all need help at some point. There is nothing wrong with seeking and receiving help.

Everyone have their guards build up so strong; that even Fort Knox’s can not penetrate. Sure, it is okay to guard your heart and your possessions. However, letting someone in sometimes can heal the hurt and build relationships.

No one has the perfect anything - that is why people compare themselves to others - or the "Jones" {whoever they are?} Some people may be well off financially - on the other hand; their kids maybe on drugs or in a game. Some may have well behaved kids - on the other hand; their health maybe failing or they are on medication. Some may have well behaved children and good health - on the other hand; they maybe in need of financial assistance. Just a few examples of some of the issues that mankind face. We are human and we need each other time-and-time again. We make each other better, tougher, and stronger by being their for each other.

As we each do our very best to help one another - that is a hands up. As we each do our very best to open up and let others in - that is a hands up. As we all become more concerned about others - we will each be helpers one 2 another and all hands will go up in Praise and Admiration.

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