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You’re Hired

Do you remember the first time you were told: “You Are Hire”? Those words were music to your ears. Come to think of it, every time after that……that feeling is still awesome.

There is nothing like being a part of something that is growing. Being at a place that you feel that you are making a contribution and adding value. While, at the same time; receiving an income. How great is that???

Most people are built the same – many people want to work. They want to feel like they are needed, valued, respected, and appreciated. The scripture states – “if a man does not work; he does not eat”. Therefore, it is inbreeded in each of us to work. There are exceptions to everything. However, for the most part mankind wants to work.

The Job Search:

Do you remember – when you were allowed to go directly to the HR’s office – without an appointment? Some companies are going back to that method. What about, calling the Human Resource Department – and actually speaking to a human being?

The internet is great. However, the Human – some how has been taken out of the equation when it comes down to people looking for employment. This maybe some of the reasons why many people have given up on the search.

As Human Resource Professionals, we know that your roles are so very important. There is always more work to be done – than time. However, stop hiding behind the online process. People can upload their resumes – automation can do this and that to speed up the process. In the long run………sure you now have resumes without errors, typed in the correct fonts, with the proper line spacing. What is missing?

Get out of the office more, go to Job Fairs – meet the communities of jobseekers………..

The Interview:

Human Resource – searched resumes, selected job candidates, did a telephone interview, scheduled in-house interview, asked questions, etc……. Job Seeker – researched company, fact finding, asked questions, follow-up letters, notes, and phone calls are all great.

Three Words:

The entire process of hiring the right person for the job – is a job. All of the above steps are leading each person to the breath taking moment of saying and hearing those three words………..You Are Hired!!!

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