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No one will deny that life sometimes is not easy. There are times in everyone's life that they are disappointed, hurt, discouraged, and sometimes sad. There are moments that a person may feel light giving up - throwing in the tile - calling it quits.

No one can honestly say that they have never felt that way - every now and again. However, the point is - not to live in the feelings. Think on the good. Turn the page in your thinking. The time for sadness is over. Your last tear was shed - now it time to move forward. Leave the pass in the pass.

Turning the page; is taking control. It is admitting to yourself that yes - those times did happen. Loss of income, loss of family member, loss of a friend, and loss of a relationship - the loss made you feel loss.

Now, you are taking what you loss and allowing the hurt and pain to make you stronger. Now you are turning your sadness into gladness. Now, it is time to find your purpose in all of this. Now it is time to allow what you have learned to help others. The old saying "hurting people hurt others" - here is a new saying; "healing people heal others" - allow healing to come from your hurt. Turn your page and show others how to do the same.

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