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End then Begin

Starting is always the most difficult. So it maybe best to end - then start. Most times it is the way you look at things that make you stress out, worry, and or doubt.

Therefore, change the way you look at things and then you will have a different approach. Like the saying; "the glass is half empty". When a person thinks of something being empty they immediately stress out and begin to worry. How am I going to pay my rent, my bills, get from point A to Z? Questions rush though their mind. The feeling of lack some how over takes them.

On the other-hand; when a person hears "the glass is half full" - some how a calmness comes over them. They can make it another week, month, possible a year. They now, feel more in control - less anxiety, frustration,and nervousness.

So, it all boils down to the way we look and perceive things. Therefore, to End and then Begin - actually gives more control. Because now, you know how the story ends - and you can now write the pages as you go. Do not like that ending - begin a fresh.

Now, make better decisions. Acquire new skills, read the labels, ask questions, do not settle for the first - look around and make the best of the end and NOW START!!!

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