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Your Reflection Matters

Can a person hide behind an image? Most certainly! Many times the image captured in the mirror can be dressed up with a smile, lipstick, makeup, and so many things to hide what is going on in the inside.

Everyone has an image of themselves. The thing with an image, sometimes you have to look closer to actually see what is not being seen.

Not to say, that when a person sees an image that it is not the actual picture. The fact is, sometimes, when a person looks into a mirror or sees an image - they see what they want to see. Many times, when a person looks in a mirror or sees an image; it is only for a brief moment or two. Once, the person takes his or her eyes off of the image then what?

The bible teaches, it is not what a person eats that defines a person. It is what comes out of him or her. What comes out, passes though and from the heart. What they say, how they treat others, and how do they treat themselves?

Next time you see an image or look in the mirror, look a little closer. Pay attention to the details. Look at what you are not seeing……….see yourself and then open your eyes, heart, mind, and then S.E.E.

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