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Get Linked

We at Turn 2 Growth, would like to thank LinkedIn for; having insight and vision far beyond networking companies, employers, and employees together 4 Growth. In addition; to that – they have taken the idea of linkage to a far greater meaning.

As a people, a body, a network we can take our cares and concerns for each other and strengthen our communities. We all face the same concerns – providing for our families; making enough money to pay our bills, eating correctly, budgeting, etc………many times before the holidays people that do not have jobs, income, and resources take from others (carjackings, robberies, and theft). This is never the right decision.

Our suggestion and approach; “we are our brother’s keeper” meaning: “Let’s do what we can do”. “If you are at the gas station, and you see someone about to carjack someone else – honk your horn, make any type of loud noise, alert someone to what is about to happen. We can only do; what we can do”.

A personal note, one day I was coming out of a grocery store and an older, wiser lady came up to me and she said; “be careful, that young man has being riding his bike around in circles for quite sometime now – he may be up to something”. Thank the Lord, he did not do anything. These were words; of cautious……..because of her words, I did in fact keep my eyes on the young man.

We each can do what we can do. Let’s look out for each other. In addition, link what you have – with what others have and try your best to make a difference in the lives of others. A little can go a long way for someone; and too someone, that doesn’t have anything or a very small amount.

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