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Network, Net-work, Net……work

The importance of network. Network has been around for as long as time. Network is linking and sharing information. Computers, TV stations, radio stations, and other entities coming together for the common purpose of sharing resources and information.

Net, the sum or difference of two or more. Work, movement set forward to accomplish a specific task. Therefore, network is the sum of two or more working together to achieve a common goal.

Today’s vast technology has developed systems of networking in which ones telephone can control – their home security, alarm, lighting, television, automobile, banking, and everything in between. What a powerful system.

The beauty of a network is; it works with you and for you. There is no confusion or anyone trying to outdo anyone. It is a system where everyone; is looking out for each other. It is a building block and a stepping-stone – meaning each person is working together as one. “Your business sells cars - my–business sell tires. Another person business sells car seats.” We can all work together to help each other’s business grow. I tell someone about your business and services – you tell someone about my business and services. Each person – promoting the other person business; is almost like (sowing and reaping).

This process works the same for someone looking for a job. My circle of influence is in the Human Resource arena. While your circle maybe in the Healthcare or Technology. Each of us can speak on behalf of others – more than we can speak for ourselves.

So if for any reason you were released from your position – the first thing you should do is tap into your friend’s network. For some reason, people do not do this. However, you should. Put away the idea that you are using your friendship for self-gain. That is not the case. Your friend will be happy to help.

When they do; live up to their expectation. Do not show up late for an interview or be too casual. Go out your way to make a good impression. Remember what they say; “a first impression is a last impression.”

In addition, go to “Networking Events”. Do not be wallflowers; get to know others. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself. Practice introducing yourself in the mirror. Be abreast on current affairs. Do not be a know-it-all. Learn to listen, ask intelligent questions. A question is the number one weapon – that is always welcome in a conversation. It keeps people talking. Everyone has an opinion – take it for what it is worth. Be friendly, be kind, and exchange numbers. Find out what that person is looking for – find ways to assist him or her. Tell them, what you are looking for – do not push yourself on anyone. Follow-up with them and keep the dialect going.

Every good deed you do until others – it will come back to you. Whatever it is, that you are looking for is out there and it will come to you by way of your N.E.T.W.O.R.K.

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