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Opportunity Is Blocking

It is often said, “That opportunity is knocking at your door”. Most people feel that if opportunity is knocking – what is stopping it from coming inside the door.

What is opportunity? Does it really knock twice? Can one put their finger on opportunity? According to Merriam Webster,

1: a favorable juncture of circumstances <the halt provided an opportunity for rest and refreshment> 2: a good chance for advancement or progress

Many times in life, there have been opportunities that appear to be in hands reach. How about the time at work, working hard – doing everything to make sure that the assignment goes well. It does not matter to you; that, the person that should have done it or that; did not. The need was there, you saw the need – so; you completed the task. The work completed was not for a reward or recognition. Just because, there was a shortage and a need for assistance – lending a hand, is always in order – just because it is the right thing to do.

Many times, the opportunity is there to assist. Some turns and walk away – while, other see the opportunity as more work, longer hours, no additional pay. Therefore, what is the point? Out of their eyes, they see “no way” – out of your eyes – “teamwork”, “project completion”, and “job well done”.

The supervisor and or manager of the unit, looks at you and rather than promote or appreciate your accomplishments. That person sees you as a threat. They make it their mission to block your progress. Block your promotion. Block your opportunities within the company.

What to do when, that happens? Continue being yourself. Buy that person a cup of coffee. Be kind heart; do not let them get to you. Remember, just as they noticed; others would do the same. The opportunity they blocked, will welcome you - into the front door of success.

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