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Pace to the Place

Where are you trying to go? Are you rushing to get there?

Don’t you just hate it, when you are trying your best to get to your destination and there are so many roadblocks and detours? Take for instance; you rushed up and rushed out of bed. Hurried and washed up, hurried and ate breakfast (is that was that was?), hurried to caught the 457 (???) Bus – going to your designation.

Would you believe it? Can you image, today of all days….every morning this bus is either ten or fifteen minutes late. Never, I mean, never earlier!

Today of all days, the bus is earlier. As you were rushing to the bus stop, it rides off. Minute, seconds, away and now here, you are - yelling, screaming…..wait…..wait…..wait. It keeps moving.

What can you say, what can you do, how can you explain – what just happened? It was one of those days. No matter how fast you moved, everything else was either too fast or too slow.

After a while at the bus stop. Relaxation comes over you, at some point in time - movement becomes one-step at a time. The rush leaves, and now you feel more in control. Guess what? Another bus appears, it seems like it came out of nowhere. Your mind was not on the bus; your thoughts were at a place of pace. At that moment, you realized that this is your regular bus. By pacing yourself, you realized that what is for you; will be there at the right time.

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