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Making Adjustments 2 Change

What is change? Change is something that is on-going. There are steps to change. There is something that prompts someone or something to change. An individual - changes their hairstyle, ward roll, or job. A picture hanging on the wall - is changed, because; it maybe crook or does look right or it simple do not fit the deco.

Change starts in an individual mind. Change is action and movement. Change does not sit waiting for something to happen. Change makes it happen. Changes see what it could be - not what it was. Change does not dwell on the loss - change moves toward what can be.

Taking classes, looking for a job, looking for a place, exercising, eating healthy are the adjustments that one has to make in order for things to change. Whatever it is that holding you in a place that you feel trapped - at a standstill - hopeless - and not in control. At that point in time - NOW IT IS TIME 2 MAKE THE ADJUSTMENT 2 CHANGE.

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